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Outlaw Part 7

"Of course I am!Why wouldn't I...I guess we just have to wait till the feast.."

Phillip wet his hair one more time before the feast started.He looked over at Cena,who smiled at him once he gave his hat to him.

"You know you look very....uh,what's a word I can say that won't get me punched in the face?" Phillip laughed as he put Cena's hat on to cover his scarred eye.

"Any...I'm not gonna punch you...I just want to have a good time." Cena fixed his shirt up as Phillip watched him.

"Might be hard with that Alberto guy looking all around for you.."

"Honestly he's a complete idiot if he's still looking for me." Cena laughed.

"Yeah,I guess so.Let's go get Gold and Charlene." Phillip raised an eyebrow.

"Why?Can't we just walk down to the lake?" Cena shook his head as he put all their extra cloths into a bag.

"Just in case if something bad happens we need to flee quickly." Cena headed for the door and Phillip was right by his side.

"And if we do?Where's our food and weapons?" Cena tugged at his collar.

"Uh...I'm still working on that,actually.." Phillip mentally rolled his eyes then Cena opened the door and they both left.


Cena and Phillip rode back to the lake to see a feast,plenty of food,plenty of drinks for everyone.Cena got off of Gold as Randy walked up to him and whispered in his ear.

"I have everything you two need just in case something bad happens.I heard Alberto was in my town and I'm not going to allow it." Cena grew a confused face.

"How come you know Alberto?" Randy laughed and patted Cena's shoulder.

"Best thing about being an advanced sheriff,you pretty much know everyone." Cena frowned.

"Oh so I'm a rookie?"

"Pretty much,now who's ready to eat!" Phillip got off of Charlene.

"I know I am..." Randy looked at Phillip and grew shocked.

"Phillip Jackass Brooks,hell is that really you?" Phillip huffed.

"No.My name is C.M.Punk,and that's all you have to know." Phillip walked by the two down to all the food.

"C.M.Punk?What kind of na-"

"It's his nickname,stupid.No one needs to figure out who he really is." Cena said,watching Phillip get his plate of food.Randy huffed.

"What'd you say to him?" Cena crossed his arms.

"I accidentally yelled at him and..well...that just happened.You really think he's a bad guy?"

"Well I sure as hell don't think he's a good guy.But,if he didn't destroy my city by now then I guess you've convinced me.Now all I need to know if he's your little sex toy or not." Cena sighed.

"No.He doesn't even like me...." Randy raised an eyebrow.

"Oh how can someone NOT like the ol' great and amazing John Cena?" Cena looked at Randy with an angry face.

"Hahahaha-SHUT UP!" Cena growled out.Randy laughed and started to walk off.

"Whatever,I think you proved quite enough.I'll give you two the stuff you need in the morning,if not sooner if it comes down to it." Cena sighed as he watched Randy walk off,then he looked over at Phillip,who was eating.Cena grabbed himself a plate of food and sat down by him.

"Hey,you gonna be okay?" Cena said,looking at Phillip.Phillip slightly nodded as he continued to eat his food in a quiet manner,"well...I got our weapons and food ready for we can leave in the morning."

"John you know it's gonna be sooner than that...." Cena smiled at Phillip.

"Hey...relax..everythings gonna be-" Right then,a knife stabbed the table they were eating up and they both looked up to see who it was.

"Maggots!" Alberto. "I don't know who you think you are...but I do know who exactly you are!" Phillip clutched his fists tightly as Cena held his hand down.

"And what would that be?" Cena shot back.

"You are maggots!You're below me in every way,and you don't get food until I do!" Alberto felt a slight tap on the shoulder and turned around to see Randy.

"You're in my town as a guest,if you don't like the way things work then leave." Alberto huffed.

"How about we go discuss this back in the town?" Randy frowned.

"Do I have to say it slower?!"

"No,but I'm sure not gonna sit back and let you boss me around."

Randy snarled,"I'M the sheriff!"

"And as sheriff you solve all the problems,and I have a problem!Now either come to the town with me or things are gonna fly south!"

"Fine." Randy looked at Cena and Phillip then back at Alberto,"Let's go." Alberto and Randy both walked back to the town.Phillip sighed and Cena looked at him.

"That was close..." Phillip nodded.

"But I don't think it's over with...if Alberto had a problem,he'd attack Randy right away....I think he's has something up his sleeve.."

"What do we do?" Phillip shrugged.

"Just wait for what happens,I guess..."


"Alright now what to you want?!" Randy huffed,stopping in his place after Alberto right in the middle of the town.

"Tell me something,sheriff...are you the only one with weapons?" Randy raised an eyebrow at Alberto's comment.

"'s a pretty pea-"

"Good!When the sun goes down my men shall attack all of your townsfolk until we get what we want!Brooks and his partner!" Randy growled and got out a gun.

"You'll never be able to beat me!" Alberto grinned.

"That's why I'm not going to be the one to beat you....he is!" Randy turned around and was suddenly flown into one of the sides of a building by someone.As he slammed against the building he accidentally dropped his gun,making himself powerless.Alberto laughed,"Good luck on your enemy,'partner'!" and with that,he ran back to the feast.

Later,right before sunset...

"Maggots!" Alberto screamed,getting up onto a table.Everyone looked up at Alberto,well,everyone except Cena and Phillip,"This is the final warning we have for you!Either give up Brooks or well have to find out where he is by force!One of you people are hiding him!That,or he's at this very feast right now...." People started looking around at each other,yet Phillip still didn't even bother to look,"so,where is he?!" Cena eyes widened.

"Where's Randy..." Phillip looked over at Cena who grew worried.

"John,I'm sure he's fine...we need to focus on Alberto...he says he's gonna hurt people if we don't show ourselves..." Cena bit his lip.

"We're gonna have to do it..." Phillip shook his head

"We don't have any weapons...we can't pos-" Suddenly,there was a loud scream coming from a woman right before one of Alberto's henchman snapped her neck.Some people screamed in terror as others tried to fight Alberto and his gang of people,but people who did were quickly shot.Phillip growled and ran over to Charlene and Gold,and Cena followed right behind him.


Phillip turned around,"What?!" Cena grabbed onto his shoulders,staring him dead in the eyes.

"Take Charlene and Gold and I'm gonna take care of Alberto..." Phillip frowned.

"No!Don't go try to act noble!You know you're going to die if you do!" Cena smiled.

"Phil,I'm not acting noble..and if you want to help,try and look for our food and the weapons." Phillip nodded.

"But,where am I gonna-"

"I know it's somewhere here,either under one of the tables or just whatever,Randy said he had them in case this happen...ed?" Cena was slowed down by a sad look on Phillip,"What's wrong?"

"You promised I wouldn't regret this..."


"No!You promised!I got all..dressy for you cause YOU wanted it!But I don't want to change!" Phillip quickly took off Cena's hat and threw it to the ground and ran his fingers through his hair,scrambling it to mess it up,"and god dammit if you don't-"

"Brooks!!" a man shouted out loud.All of Alberto's men,including himself,turned around and looked at Phillip and Cena.

"Phillip..." Cena sighed,"I'm sorry..." Phillip frowned.

"No...I'm sorry,I got too mad and I should've-"

"Not to keep interrupting you..but...I am saying sorry to two things...first,I'm sorry for yelling at you..and forcing you to stay...and...well,opening my mouth when I shouldn't have."

"It's fine...but..what's the second thing?" Cena smiled nervously.

"I'm sorry for what I'm about to do.." Phillip raised an eyebrow.

"About to do?What do you-" suddenly,everything went pitch black...

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